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Inflation Climbs to Highest Level in 40 Years

The new CPI data released today by the BLS shows what many of us are feeling when we buy gasoline and groceries: inflation is here and it is not going away immediately.  The year-over-year measure was up to 7% in December 2012 and this is the highest level since June 1982.  The graphic below shows annual inflation since 2000.

Inflation 0122

The table below, from the BLS report, shows increases in the major category areas.  Year-over-year increases are shown in the last column.

CPI categories 0122

Over the course of the year, you can see that gasoline prices rose 49.6% and Used cars and truck prices rose by 37.3 percent.  But even grocery prices (food at home) rose by 6.5 percent.  

This inflation won't go away anytime soon.  Even if prices don't rise at all for six months, the inflation rate will be over 4% in June because of the way this statistic is computed (using all data from the previous 12 months).  Unfortunately, prices are probably going to continue to rise throughout this spring.