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New Slides for COVID-19 Crisis

Are you wondering how to think about this COVID-19 crisis in terms of economics?  You've come to the right place.  The Mateer and Coppock textbooks present relevant information for life, and this pandemic crisis is no exception.  

If you are a teacher or student of economics and you are using our books, we have prepared PowerPoint slides to correspond with each chapter in the texts.  

Click this link to download the slide deck.

Micro examples include:

  • PPC shifts for the crisis
  • Demand shifts as preferences change
  • Price gouging for safety masks
  • Externalities during a pandemic
  • Shut-down decisions of firms
  • Price Discrimination and fast food

Macro topics include:

  • Macro data before and after the crisis
  • Creative destruction and the move to new technologies
  • The crisis in the AD-AS model
  • Fiscal and monetary policy responses in the AD-AS model
  • Federal budget effects
  • Trade effects

We have a slide for every chapter, something every instructor can use and every student can learn from.